BCB Development Tour to South Africa
24 Jan 2014

The BCB is pleased to confirm that the following players fourteen players including two girls have shown the necessary dedication and commitment to fundraising for the last ten months to enable them to participate in a development cricket tour of a lifetime. Players are still working to raise the funds to pay for this amazing opportunity and if you would like to support them please call the BCB on 292 8958 or email info@cricket.bm

Kacy Greene volunteering as a Peer Mentor and Coach at St. David's Primary Cricket Camp.




On February 6th, the BCBNA players, mainly from the BCB U13 program, set-off to South Africa for a fourteen day cricketing and cultural learning tour.


Cameron Jeffers                                 Warwick Workmen’s Club

Faheem Swan                                     Willow Cuts Cricket Club

Jade Morrissey                                   PHC

Jahdae Wade                                      Devonshire Rec

Justin Bascome-Dickenson                    Bailey’s Bay

Kacy Greene                                      PHC

Kameren Mason                                  PHC

Kayla Raymond                                   St. George’s Prep

Kristian Singh                                     Warwick Workmen’s Club

Sean Tucker                                       Warwick Workmen’s Club

Torleair Caines                                   Warwick Workmen’s Club

LeiLanni Nesbeth                                 St. David’s CCC

Isaiah Greaves                                    Cleveland CCC

Sancho Jackson Bailey's 


The squad will fly to Cape Town and play 6 matches against local school teams in the South Cape area. The itinerary includes:

  • 3 coaching sessions at Boland Academy and the world famous Newlands cricket ground
  • Full Day cultural experience at a South African school
  • Visit to Botlierskop Game Reserve
  • Visit to Robben island
  • Watch an major cricket match at Newland
  • Visit Table Mountain
  • Full day excursion to Cape Pont and the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve

To ensure that the players reap maximum benefit from the tour all squad members are required to write three short essays on Bermuda traditions and how they impact their personal culture in addition to a short essay about Bermuda school experience. These will be used as background to promote the culture exchange component when speaking with South African school children and opposition players.


Neil Speight, CEO of the BCB noted: “It is important to recognize the amount of work these youngsters (and parents) have done over the last 10 months to fund-raise for this tour. The work began at with punch cards being issued last March, included taking gates and providing security at the World Cricket League, taking gates at Eastern County games, Fish fries, Tag Days, Movie nights etc. The opportunity was open and equal to any player in the Academy but these 14 assumed the burden and have made the time to collect a significant amount of funding for this tour.”


President of the BCB Lloyd Fray stated, “The Development tour is part of our National Academy program, supported by the XL Foundation and the Bank of Bermuda Foundation. Our National Academy program has received ICC recognition and provides high quality one on one and team coaching to players as well as character development activities throughout. As a member of the Academy, players are expected to maintain the core standards of attendance, discipline, respect, courtesy, learning and enjoyment are key to the continued membership of all players in the Academy. The Academy provides young talented and aspiring cricketers the opportunity to develop cricket and life skills through enjoyable and challenging cricket and character building activities.” 


Fifteen parents and BCUA Secretary, Richard Austin, will also travel with the group which will be led by three BCB representatives including the U13 coaching staff.


Sean Tucker 


Cameron Jeffers 


Kristian Singh