Logic MVP Stats Week 7
10 Jul 2014

BCB Announces Logic Player Standings from Week 7

Dion Stovell of Southampton Rangers continues to maintain his lead in the Premier Division Logic MVP stats for week 7 followed by Fiqre Crockwell of St. David's CC and Derrick Brangman of Southampton Rangers SC. 

In the 1st Division, Kijuan Franks of Flatts, is in the lead in the Week 7 Logic MVP stats with Donnie Charles of Somerset Bridge and Seth Campbell of Western Stars following him in second and third place.

Click below to see the current Logic MVP Standings for Week 7 and the batting, bowling & fielding statistics.

Logic Week 7 MVP Stats


Logic Week 7 Batting Stats


Logic Week 7 Bowling Stats


Logic Week 7 Fielding Stats