BCB Summer Clinic Week 3 & 4 Update and Photo Gallery
24 Jul 2014

The BCB Summer Clinic is supported by Argus enabling the camp to be offered at a subsidized rate of only $100 a week! 

During week 3 of the BCB Summer Clinic, supported by Argus, the players learnt about cricket in Australia and the history of the Ashes. In their character building session players focused on citizenship, following the rules, laws and being good community citizens. Players learnt how to go online and register with the Centre of Philanthropy for community service hours. Some of the girls also participated in the BCB tag day to raise money for the BCB Youth Development Programs. 


Players learnt how to score on the Ipad and lots of the players downloaded scoring aps and started to learn the fundamentals of scoring. Coach Grant will continue to teach them how to use the scoring aps during the next two weeks. 


During Week 4 of the BCB Summer Clinic supported by Argus, BCUA Umpire Roger Dill gave an informative talk about the rules of the game and the role of the Umpire. Players took part in an interactive session in which they were able to role play all the different ways you can get out in cricket. Players did not know you could get out by being ‘retired out’ as defined in Law 2 (for example, if a player walks a few steps onto the field and is called back for someone else to bat, the player recalled would be considered retired out). After the session the players took part a game which they took turns umpiring themselves. A big thanks to Roger Dill for donating his time! 


This week the focus has been learning about Cricket in the West Indies. Both age groups got the opportunity to play several games. Check out the photos from the game between the 10-14 year olds and the Government Camp at West Pembroke and the 7-9 year olds swimming at Admiralty House!